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Boston Murder Lawyer

Unmatched Murder Defense Lawyers of Boston

Murder, which is the intentional killing of another with malice aforethought, is of the most serious criminal charges possible. Depending on the degree of murder you are being charged with, you could very well spend the rest of you life in prison. Although rare, if you are tried in federal court, you may even face the death penalty. Whether you are facing first or second degree murder charges, contact the experienced Boston murder lawyers of Leontire and Associates, P.C.. We have the experience, resources, and legal knowledge necessary to successfully defend you both in and out of court.

We Take on Murder Cases That Others Cannot or Will Not Defend

Leontire and Associates, P.C. of Boston is more than prepared to defend your rights and freedom regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case. This is because we have extensive courtroom experience in high profile cases and cases that many believed were not winnable. There are a variety of murder and homicide degrees in Massachusetts, and we have defended many clients who had been charged with either first, second, or third degree murder.

  • First degree murder is defined as the killing of another:
  • With deliberate premeditated malice aforethought;
  • With extreme cruelty or atrocity; or
  • In the commission of attempted commission of a crime.

Premeditated murder means that the killing was thought out and planned beforehand. No written plans are necessary to prove premeditated murder, however. Extreme cruelty or atrocity can be left at the discretion of the court or jury. For example, torture or severing limbs off of a victim would likely be construed as extreme atrocity or cruelty. Finally, if the defendant killed during the commission of another crime, even if the killing was in self-defense, such as robbery or burglary, the killing shall be charged as a first degree murder.

  • Second degree murder is a heat of the moment killing, such as as the result of walking in on a spouse engaged in relations with another person. There is no premeditation and the killing was not done with extreme cruelty or atrocity.
  • Third degree murder, or voluntary manslaughter, is also a heat of the moment killing. The difference is that the defendant did not necessarily try to kill the victim and the victim either provoked the defendant or engaged in a fight with the defendant. A common example is getting into a drunken bar fight and instead of going home with stitches, the other party never goes home at all.

Penalties for Murder in Massachusetts

As per Chapter 265, Section 2 and Section 13 of the Massachusetts General Laws, the penalties for murder are as follows:

  • First degree if the defendant is older than 18: life in prison without parole;
  • First degree if the defendant is older than 14 but younger than 18: life in prison with parole;
  • Second degree: life in prison with parole; and
  • Voluntary manslaughter (third degree murder): up to 20 years in prison. 

Call a Boston Lawyer With a Successful History in Defending Against Murder Charges

The Boston murder lawyers of Leontire and Associates, P.C. will build a defense strategy specific to your needs and to the circumstances surrounding the case. We have a proven track record of success in all types of murder and homicide cases.

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