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Boston Business Litigation Lawyer

Not everything always goes as planned when it comes to operating a successful business. Disputes are part of every company’s lifespan, and depending on the complexity and scale of your issues, finding a clear path to resolution can be difficult. An experienced lawyer will make any difficult situation easier to navigate. Leontire and Associates, P.C. is here to provide professional legal services when all other routes have failed and litigation is the last option. Our Boston business litigation lawyers work tirelessly to achieve a successful outcome and provide our services to large and small businesses alike.

Providing Legal Assistance for Businesses Throughout Boston

We strive to work closely with our clients and our Boston business litigation lawyers approach each case from every angle to ensure the highest probability of success. We assist clients in all of the following types of business litigation disputes:

  • Breach of contract and interference with contract;
  • Intellectual property disputes;
  • Noncompete agreements;
  • Trade secret disputes;
  • Employment disputes;
  • Disability insurance disputes;
  • Partnership issues;
  • Civil theft and fraud;
  • Antitrust;
  • Shareholder disputes;
  • Commercial lease disputes;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty;
  • Civil conspiracy; and
  • More.

Employment Disputes

Satisfying everyone is a difficult task. In fact, it can be virtually impossible. Twelve percent of small to medium sized businesses will face an employment claim, according to the Insurance Journal. If you are facing an employment claim due to discrimination, retaliation, or any other dispute, it is critical that you talk with an lawyer at once. There is a chance that you may be able to settle the dispute out of court. However, all employment claims can be a serious threat to the health and longevity of your business, and should never be treated lightly.

Why Hiring an Experienced Boston Lawyer is Critical to Your Future Success

According to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, litigation can change the way a company does business, damage morale, cause emotional hardship, cost a lot of money, and take up a lot of time. Not every business needs to have a damaging experience when going through litigation to solve a dispute, however. Our lawyers work to make this process as painless and successful for our clients as possible. It is crucial to work with a law firm that you trust, that will communicate with you throughout the process, and will keep your goals in the forefront, because business litigation can be a lengthy, stressful process, sometimes including all of the following steps:

  • Initial investigation;
  • Research;
  • Settlement;
  • Pretrial motions;
  • Trial; and
  • Possible post disposition.

Reaching Resolutions to Keep Business Relationships In Tact

If possible, our lawyers will strive to reach a beneficial resolution for you and keep the other party satisfied so that the relationship is not severed and other issues do not arise as a result. We realize that this is not always possible, and approach each case with a cost effective and unique strategy with our clients’ goals coming first.

Contact a Boston Business Litigator Today

If you are facing a lawsuit or other business dispute, do not hesitate to call us and speak to one of our experienced Boston business litigation lawyers at once. Our legal professionals are eager to assist you throughout each step of your case.

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