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Boston Drug Crime Lawyer 

Do Not Leave Your Future Up to Chance if You Have Been Charged with a Drug Crime

Drug crimes allegations should be taken extremely seriously, no matter what the specific charges may be. Massachusetts and federal laws both crack down hard on drug offenses, whether large or small amounts were found on your person or property. We strongly advise you to contact a Boston lawyer with vast experience and a proven track record when it comes to drug charges. Our Boston drug crime lawyers have won some of the largest cases in the country; you will find no other law firm more qualified to represent you. Contact the Leontire and Associates, P.C. today.

Types of Boston, Massachusetts Drug Crimes

The most common type of drug charge is possession. Possession is usually the least harsh offense, as the amount allegedly found on you or your personal property is small–only enough for personal consumption. Distribution or possession with intent to distribute is a more serious offense, usually because it involves larger amounts of controlled substances. The prosecution does not even need to prove that you had a specific intent to distribute because, for example, if you are found with a quarter pound of marijuana, you are automatically charged with intent to sell because that large quantity is not deemed by the court to be intended for personal consumption. Manufacturing of controlled substances is also punished very severely. Manufacturing includes being involved in the process of making methamphetamine, growing marijuana, or even boiling cocaine with water and baking soda to create “crack” cocaine.

Schedule of Controlled Substances

There are six schedules of controlled substances in Massachusetts, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, with the scale of severity, in terms of punishment, descending from schedule I to schedule VI.

  • Schedule I controlled substances have a high potential for abuse and are not accepted for any medical use (LSD and Heroin);
  • Schedule II drugs have a high potential for abuse (Oxycodone and Demerol);
  • Schedule III drugs have a lower potential for abuse (Vicodin and Tylenol with codeine);
  • Schedule IV drugs have an even lower potential for abuse (Ativan and Valium);
  • Schedule V drugs have an even lower potential for abuse than schedule IV (Lyrica, Robitussin AC and Phenergan with Codeine); and
  • Schedule VI drugs that are prescription medications and not covered under other Schedule categories (Penicillin and Dilantin).

Boston Drug Charge Defense Strategies

Under Chapter 94C, Section 34 of the Massachusetts General Laws, the defendant must have had knowledge of possession in order to be charged with possession of a drug. Therefore, if it can be proven that you did not know of the controlled substance, you will not be found guilty of the charges. Other reliable and highly successful defense strategies include:

  • You had a prescription for the drug in question;
  • The officer who found the controlled substance on you conducted an unlawful search and seizure;
  • The controlled substance was planted on you;
  • The lab made an error analyzing the drug;
  • You had no intention to distribute any of the drugs; and
  • There is other insufficient evidence to warrant a conviction.

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