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Boston Appeals Lawyer

Whether you wish to appeal a decision made in criminal or civil court, the professional Boston appeals lawyers of Leontire and Associates, P.C. have the experience to help you reverse the outcome. By using the knowledge and resources of our entire team for appeals cases, we can provide you with the highest chance of success. Additionally, we have a large network of appeals lawyers throughout the country, meaning that we can assist you whether you are in Boston or not.

Trial Experience is Necessary for a Boston Appeals Lawyer

Throughout an appellate court case, it will become blatantly obvious if your lawyer has not had previous trial experience, or has only gone to trial a handful of times. This is due to the fact that appellate work requires an lawyer to have a strong understanding and vast experience in representing clients in trials. Our appellate lawyers are extremely talented and experienced, and you can rest assured that they have spent many long hours in the courtroom successfully arguing on behalf of our clients.

Boston Criminal Appeals

Simply because you were handed a guilty verdict by the court does not mean that you should give up hope. Unfortunately, you may have been up against a biased or flawed judge, an impartial jury, or other unfair or non ideal factors. Your constitutional rights could have been violated in some way, such as an illegal search and seizure or failure on the court’s behalf to properly admit evidence or witness testimony. Maybe your original lawyer was not as experienced as they said they were and did a poor job gathering evidence and making a compelling argument in your favor. Many lawyers are completely unprepared to defend a client in court. After all, according to the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), 90 to 95 percent of federal and state court cases are settled with plea deals, not through trial, which means that many lawyers have very little real trial experience.

Boston Civil Appeals

Whether you wish to appeal the decision of a lawsuit, for example, or another matter, you must work closely with your lawyer to ensure that no further mistakes or even small errors are made that could jeopardize the court’s decision. The objective of a civil appeal and a criminal appeal is to focus on a particular flawed issue or a couple of narrow issues that unjustly decided your case. It is important to keep the attention on these issues alone and to work closely with your lawyer so that every detail is looked at and nothing is forgotten.

Call Our Professional Boston Appeals Lawyers Today

Our Boston appeals lawyers have an eye for picking out mistakes in a court’s decision making process, and will collaborate with our other teams of lawyers to ensure that your rights are protected in the appellate process. Please do not hesitate to give us a call today for immediate professional legal assistance.

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