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Leontire & Associates, P.C.

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Different law firms handle different types of cases. At Leontire & Associates, P.C., our focus is on criminal defense and civil litigation in the most complex and sophisticated cases. By pooling together our resources and talent and putting together the right legal team for every case, we are able to provide strong, effective representation in the most difficult, high profile and high stakes matters. It’s no wonder we were nominated for Trial Team of the Year by The National Trial Lawyers.

Our Boston office, serving Boston, New Bedford and surrounding areas, is headed by George Leontire. Mr. Leontire has 36 years of legal experience litigating cases in Massachusetts state and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. He formerly served as City Solicitor for the fourth largest city in Massachusetts, representing the city in all litigation and regulatory matters. Together with the rest of the Leontire and Associates, P.C. team, Mr. Leontire ensures that clients in the Boston area receive the advice and representation they need to achieve their goals.

Leontire & Associates, P.C. was a member of the trial team that successfully defended Aaron Hernandez in his double-murder trial.

Continuing to Hold Firm for the Cause of Justice

Currently, Leontire & Associates, P.C. are handling complex Boston litigation in areas as diverse as catastrophic injury and securities fraud. The team is also suing the NFL and the New England Patriots in Massachusetts court for failing to protect Aaron Hernandez from head injuries that resulted in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). This lawsuit alleges that the NFL intentionally deceived players about the consequences of head trauma connected with playing professional football. The case had been previously filed in federal court, but Leontire & Associates, P.C. chose to refile in Massachusetts court for jurisdictional and strategic reasons. Mr. Leontire is eager to have a public trial of these issues to get the case out into the open and find justice for his client.

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