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Boston Federal Crime Lawyer

Federal Crimes Include Some of the Most Serious Offenses

Many offenses can be tried as either state or federal crimes. Usually, an offense will be tried in state court, such as rape, assault, robbery, or murder. While these crimes are also federal offenses, they are still generally tried at the state level. However, some crimes are tried in federal court and receive the full backing of the federal government, virtually limitless resources, and teams of highly successful prosecutors. In order to win, you need a defense team to match. The law office of Leontire & Associates, P.C. has dealt with some of the most high profile, unwinnable federal crimes cases and come out on top. Our Boston federal crime lawyers are equipped with the clout, resources, and experience to help you win your case, whatever the specifics may be.

Federal Drug Offenses

Federal drug crimes come in many forms. While possession, distribution, and possession with intent to distribute most controlled substances can be charged on either the state or federal level, they are typically tried in state court. However, drug trafficking, which is the transportation of drugs across state or country borders, is often punished at the federal level. Those who are convicted of drug trafficking face serious prison time and fines. Mandatory minimums can mean that you are put away for decades or even life, if convicted.

Federal Sex Crimes

Federal sex offenses include child pornography, human trafficking, child rape, sexual abusing a child, and most other types of sexual exploitation of minors. While sex crimes can be tried at the state level, when they are tried in federal court it means that the allegations are incredibly severe. Federal prosecutors are less likely to accept a plea deal, which means that your lawyer had better be more than prepared to take your case to trial and win.

Federal Prosecution of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes that are tried at the federal level typically include Ponzi schemes, bribery, racketeering, copyright infringement, insider trading, tax violations or evasion, wire fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement, cybercrime, forgery, identity theft, and money laundering. Do not be fooled by the common misconception that white collar crimes are only punished with a slap on the wrist and a luxury low security prison. White collar offenses can include decades or even lifetimes spent behind bars and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties.

Defending Against All Types of Federal Crimes

The Boston federal crime lawyers of Leontire and Associates, P.C. are adept at handling a variety of federal offense allegations. Whether you have been charged or are under investigation for a white collar crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, wire fraud, or hacking, we are eager to take on your case and see it through to a successful resolution. Contact us for legal assistance at once.

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