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Boston Personal Injury Lawyer > Boston Slip & Fall Lawyer

Boston Slip & Fall Lawyer

A slip and fall can cause a serious, painful, even catastrophic injury. Slip and fall accident victims may suffer a fracture, including a hip fracture, or a back, head or neck injury, as well as muscle tears, strains and sprains. Slip and fall victims have been known to suffer neurological damage, and some accidents are tragically fatal. The Boston slip & fall lawyers at the Leontire and Associates, P.C. help slip and fall victims in Boston and New Bedford recover compensation from irresponsible property owners whose negligence has created or allowed a dangerous condition on their premises which was responsible for the fall.

Causes and Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

The duty of property owners to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition includes the duty to remove hazards caused by the accumulation of snow and ice. Some of the most common slip and fall or trip and fall claims are due to:

  • Food or drink spills in grocery stores and restaurants
  • Puddles forming at entrances or near refrigerators, air conditioners or condensers
  • Objects in the floor cluttering the aisles
  • Boxes or items falling off shelves from overhead
  • Unmarked steps
  • Broken elevators or escalators
  • Missing handrails
  • Broken steps
  • Torn carpeting
  • Exposed electrical wiring

Complexities of Massachusetts Slip and Fall Law

Property owners have a duty under Massachusetts law to act with reasonable care toward all visitors lawfully on their property. Property owners must keep the public area of their premises in a safe condition, or warn about hazards which may not be immediately obvious to someone on the property.

Slip and fall claims can be very difficult to press against store owners. In order to hold the owner liable, it is often necessary to prove that the owner (or employees) had actual or constructive notice of the dangerous condition, meaning someone actually knew of the hazard or should have known had they been acting reasonably.

In addition, the injury victim must be able to prove that the owner failed to fix the condition or warn of the danger in a reasonable amount of time before the accident occurred. This can be especially difficult in the case of a transitory foreign substance, such as a spill or item on the floor creating a slipping or tripping hazard.

Finally, property owners may claim that victim was not watching where he or she was going, and that the victim’s own negligence should bar any recovery.

At the Leontire and Associates, P.C., our skilled attorneys now how to investigate a slip and fall accident and gather the evidence needed to build a strong case demonstrating the property owner’s liability. We also fight hard to keep our clients from being unfairly tagged with negligence when that was not the case.

Compassionate Legal Help after a Serious Slip & Fall in Boston or New Bedford

To discuss the merits of your slip and fall accident claim in Boston or New Bedford, call the Leontire and Associates, P.C. at 855-223-9080 for a free, confidential consultation with dedicated and successful Boston slip & fall lawyers experienced in the most complex cases.

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